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The Conceptual Scheme /
Land Use Amendment Application

We’re currently in the preliminary stages of preparing several land planning applications including an Area Structure Plan (ASP) Amendment and Conceptual Scheme.

The Project’s Conceptual Scheme will help provide a framework for innovative subdivision design, detailed land use direction and development guidance to Rocky View Council, Administration, and the public. The Project falls within the boundary of the existing Bearspaw ASP.

During the development of the Conceptual Scheme, we’re meeting with our neighbours, including community groups, to hear their perspectives and gather feedback on our preliminary vision.

An ASP provides the vision for the physical development of a community, while a Conceptual Scheme is a detailed design that outlines where proposed lots, roadways, parks and green spaces, as well as other amenities, will be situated when developed.

Preliminary Land Use Concept

We believe the following design principles can guide the development of the Conceptual Scheme for the Bearspaw Project.

Proposed Conceptual Scheme

Sustainable Living with a Plenitude of Open Space

  • The Community will be comprised primarily of low-density residential with medium density units located closer to the Market Place
  • Overall residential density is envisioned to achieve a target less than typical urban standards
  • Municipal Reserve dedication will be greater than 10% of the lands

 Market Village

  • A unique destination where convenience and social connectedness intersect and enrich the Bearspaw Community and the region
  • A mix of commercial retail and convenience goods and services

Respect Natural Environment and Features

  • Maintain the land’s greatest assets: natural ravines and overland watercourses and wetlands
  • Minimize the grading of land within the low-density residential areas to embrace the topography and views

Diverse Housing Styles and Lots

  • Strategic groupings and locations of dwellings will leverage views and close-knit residential enclaves
  • Complimentary housing styles will provide a range of residential scales and opportunities
  • Senior housing that is sensitively integrated into the community

Open Space Network

  • A vast and expansive open space network will encourage a ‘walk-in-the-woods’ experience within seconds of residents doorsteps
  • Natural pathways will make use of the contours of the land

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